Kathryn Ivy

July 29, 2007 - Posted by Alice Schnebly

Camdyn's got a brand new bag!

Well, almost...

First I want to say thanks for all the nice comments on the Inga hat! I really think it’s one of my favorite FOs to date, and is something I am really proud of. Anyways, after finishing it up a couple days ago, I was looking around on Ravelry and came across Buddy Bags, a pattern by Anny Purls. Really, aren’t these adorable? I decided that this would be the perfect little bag for Camdyn—it’s cute, it’s quick, and I could knit it completely out of yarn in my stash!

The beginning of my Buddy Bag, a pattern by Anny Purls.I chose to use TLC Cotton Plus in four different colors. This yarn has literally been sitting around since I first started knitting, and it was one of my first yarn purchases. I bought it before I really knew anything about yarn and how fibers behaved, so this cotton/acrylic blend has been stored away for over a year and a half. I’ve got it in quite a few colors so I can see myself making Buddy Bags for gifts or more for Camdyn in the future—this time I decided to make the Bunny version, but it was so hard to choose between all the cute little animals!

So far this has gone quick, quick, quick. I cast on yesterday evening and all I have left is putting everything together and lining the bag. I chose some pink and green paisley fabric (you know I am a huge fan of pink and green) that has been part of my fabric stash for quite some time too. Let’s hear it for stash-busting!

I really can’t wait to see how this turns out—hopefully Camdyn will like it as much as I do!

Bunny Buddy Bag, WIP.