Kathryn Ivy

July 09, 2007 - Posted by Alice Schnebly

My Biggest U.F.O.

View of the living room.Even as I am posting this I am feeling super rushed. In about an hour Camdyn and I are heading off to Washington state to visit my family in my hometown of Ellensburg and I haven’t even packed! My mom and I have been working constantly on little home improvement and home décor projects so we haven’t really had a chance to relax at all. Hopefully when we get to Washington we’ll be able to breath a little?

My old chairs with new pillows.From changing the light fixture at the front door, replacing trim on the floor, updating the ceiling fan, sewing and tons of painting, we really covered the whole spectrum I think! There’s still quite a bit left to do but I am looking forward to having a little break and getting back to it when I return to Las Vegas. Even in its unfinished state it is still much better than it was before and I am really pleased with the results!

More living room.I was hoping to get some better pictures, but there isn’t much light out right now so this is what I’ve got for now. When everything gets all finished I’ll be sure to give you a better idea, plus some drastic before and after shots ;)

Audobon bird pictures.