Kathryn Ivy

May 26, 2007 - Posted by Alice Schnebly

A successful start!

You can’t deny the colors in Noro are  gorgeous!Ok, so I have to say, I am loving this so far! I worked on my Clapotis about every free second I had yesterday. I got a few long chunks of knitting in, and also had lots of short spurts of knitting here and there. Currently I’ve done 3 repeats of the straight section. The straight sections seem to take me about an hour to knit, so this is really where it is going to start to drag a bit I think. I am hoping that I can get as much done as possible while I am still really pumped up about the project!

One thing that I think pushed me to knit so much were the colors in this Noro Silk Garden! I just kept wanting to knit until the next color emerged… and then the next and the next. It was very motivating—and addicting—to see how the colors progressed or how long each stripe would end up.

Clapotis after the first day of knitting.I can tell right now that my Clapotis is neither going to be delicate nor girly. The colors and the feeling I get from this yarn are very rustic—not to mention I’ve pulled few twigs from the mix so that really adds to the sentiment. I actually quite like this, and I can see this being the perfect shawl to wrap up in by a campfire or at a backyard bar-b-cue on an early Fall night. Hopefully it will be a good transition into the world of shawls, as I have never seen myself as much of a shawl person, but have always wanted to knit them!

Silk garden produces a very textural fabric.Also, I wanted to say thanks for all the great comments and tips on knitting a Clapotis that you left the other day! I will surely be taking the advice of Kari to use a seam ripper to help separate those clingy fibers on the drop stitches (the few stitches that I’ve dropped have already stopped in their tracks only a few rows down). Also looking at the pictures of finished Clapoti are very inspiring!

Geeksbewithyou made a fanastic Silk Garden Clapotis in a similar colorway to mine. It looks smashing modeled by this cute little gnome, though it does look better on her!

Kim at CraftyKim made a luscious looking Malabrigo Clapotis. Doesn’t it look so soft?

Nihal at CraftyWho is working on her second clapotis and it’s looking great!

Kari at Crafty Ginger has made the most beautiful warm weather version that I’ve seen, and it really makes me want to start another one right away with some SWTC Bamboo I have in my stash!

Also, JennyO plans on starting up a Silk Garden Clapotis soon too! I can’t wait to see what colorway she is using! We’ll be sure to link over to her when she starts so you can see how her shawl progresses too!