Kathryn Ivy

May 23, 2007 - Posted by Alice Schnebly

Déjà Vu all over again

”IYesterday some exciting new things arrived on my doorstep—a drop spindle, some fiber, and “Spin It,” a booklet by Lee Raven. Oh, and also some Synthrapol for dyeing fiber too. Yes, I know I don’t even know how to spin yet, but when I go to visit Grace in a month in Boston we have plans to sit down so she can show me how! It’s funny, because this kind of reminds me of when I taught Grace to knit. I really hadn’t been knitting very long—and she hasn’t been spinning that long either. I told her she needed “Stitch n Bitch” and would need to invest in Denise needles and she did. She told me I needed a certain kind of spindle and “Spin It” and I didn’t ask any questions either. This should be quite fun! One thing I know is merino roving is luscious. Goodness gracious it is soft and fluffy and delish.

Anyways, I’m thinking as a little token of thanks for teaching me I’m going to dye up 4 oz. of roving for Grace. What do you think Grace, any color combos you’re dyeing (har har) to have?

p.s. I ordered everything from Paradise Fibers, and I must say the service was excellent! My package shipped the next day, everything was nicely wrapped up, and the Synthrapol was even double wrapped incase of a leak or something. I would definitely order from there again!