Kathryn Ivy

May 19, 2007 - Posted by Alice Schnebly

So many projects. So little time.

2/3 Done!It’s all downhill from here.

I picked the Chevron back up last night after a one-week hiatus. I knit about 8 inches or so on it and it’s now over 4 feet long! Hopefully after a few more sessions on it, it will be complete! I’m really in a finishing mode right now. I don’t really want to start something new until I figure out the status of all these UFOs around here. I have been going through the basket that I keep these languishing knits in and I’ve decided that it’s either finish them or frog them.

Many of these things are items that need to be felted, but so far I’ve got 4 things totally ready for the fulling process. On the top of the pile is a Fibertrends Felted Flamingo. I originally started this guy in August or September of last year. I had intended for him to be a Christmas gift for my older sister, but I stalled after knitting most the body. When it was time to switch to black wool for the beak, I just stopped. I picked him up a couple of days ago and finally finished up the knitting. He is totally seamed up and ready to go now! The new plan is to give him to Diane for her for her birthday, which is in August.

Pile of Unfelted Knits.One the bottom of the pile, is going to be a modified version of Berroco’s Kalumet. Basically I just followed the pattern for the body of the bag. I’m planning on adding leather handles and leaving off the other embellishments. I also started this over six months ago. This bag is going to be huge! It really was a lot of knitting and I am really hoping it felts up nicely!

Right in the middle there are two Stirling Cloches. One is made from the recommended yarn, Valley Yarn Stirling Mohair Loop, and the other is made from the same yarns as the Kalumet bag (except I held a strand of Trilogy and Memoirs together). I am really excited to see how these turn out, though I won’t be able to wear the finished hats for almost six months anyways!

I’m not exactly sure when I’ll get the chance to felt all these goodies. We need to go shopping for a new washing machine soon. Our current machine has the wussiest agitation cycle ever, and I’ve never successfully felted anything in it. Considering I have no desire to felt all these things by hand, I’m not exactly sure when I’ll have FO photos to show—hopefully though it won’t take too long!

I’m still working on some sewing projects in between all this and some of the goodies I ordered arrived—yay—so soon I’ll have more stuff to show off!