Kathryn Ivy

May 05, 2007 - Posted by Grace Schnebly

Mmmm... Velvet!

Vintage Velvet scarf before felting.Earlier today I finally finished knitting my Vintage Velvet scarf! It got delayed a few days because of the whole felt thing. This was a scarf that I actually didn’t mind knitting; the pattern was really simple to memorize and of course the yarn was so nice! A really good thing about this pattern is that it is reversible, which is always a major concern for me with scarves. I ended up completing about 16 pattern repeats, and the knitting felt like it went really fast. The scarf ended up being 60” long.

I ended up felting it today too. It is currently drying, so I will post pictures of the finished product tomorrow. I placed it in a zipper pillowcase, and I am really glad I did because it shed A LOT! Also I was pretty nervous about running it through the complete cycle instead of just the agitation part, since you always read that that is a big no-no in felting. After a full cycle I pulled it out and it looked pretty mangled… Very nerve wracking! I threw it in the dryer, like I was supposed to, until it was damp instead of soaking. I have it laying out on my bed right now. Pile o' Vintage Velvet pre-felted.The appearance has really changed and it is definitely a lot more structured. It should be dry by tomorrow sometime… I am afraid I didn’t dry it in the drier for long enough? It hasn’t regained its softness yet. I am concerned that I did something to screw it up, but that is probably just my paranoia! I will post pictures of it all finished tomorrow.

In other news it has been absolutely gorgeous in Boston lately. The trees and tulips are blooming, and the few spinach seeds I planted are sprouting! This is really my first attempt at growing anything from seed. I have to do container gardening since I live in the city, but hopefully I will be able to eat fresh spinach by late summer! Today I also headed to Porter Square to check out Mind’s Eye Yarns. Lucy is so nice, and she got in a bunch of new beautiful roving. How could I pass it up? I bought 8 oz of Merino top in two different shades of purple. It ended up being $16.00 which I was happy with for a small yarn/roving fix, however I seem to be needing more and more lately. I thought that the two colors would look great plied together! I can’t wait to start spinning them… There is so much I want to do. Ahh!!

Pink and purple roving from Mind's Eye Yarn