Kathryn Ivy

April 26, 2007 - Posted by Grace Schnebly

When good yarn goes bad...

Teal and pink 2-ply handspun yarn.

Pink and teal rovings dyed using acid dyes.Okay, I think I made a big mistake when I spun this yarn. When I dyed these two rovings, I thought that they would look great plied together. I imaged creating a yarn that looked like a pink coral in tropical blue-green water. I was way off! I have now named this yarn “Who Puked Up Ice Cream On My Artificial Lawn?” because that’s exactly what it looks like! This has got to be one of the ickiest color combinations to ever come about! Actually they more that I think about it, this yarn really reminds me of Rowan Biggy Print in the Giddy colorway, except ickier.

Extra bulky handspun teal yarn.I actually quite liked the two different yarns when they were single ply. I used teal and lime green dyes to create the green roving. I spun it to be very thick and thin. The pink is like a thistle pink with gray hints (I thought I was using black dye instead of gray… oh well). The pink is more uniform and thinner, and actually really like how this spun. I created 60 yards of each, and then plied them. I knew as soon as I started plying it wasn’t looking great, Thinner handspun thistle pink yarn.but just went with it because I was holding out hope that the yarn I had imagined would immerge. That never happened. I just couldn’t stand it after I had plied about 40 yards. Now I have two smaller skeins of the single ply yarns, and one skein of this 2-ply yarn that I know I will never use. I guess I will keep it around as a reminder to myself of what can happen when good yarn goes bad.

In other spinning news I have 16 oz of roving that I am excited to give a try at spinning. I purchased this roving off of ebay from the seller blsb. I got 8 oz of one colorway for $11.00 and the other for $17.00, which I think is pretty good for something that is hand dyed! The colors are beautiful and the roving seems like it is of really good quality. I am really excited to spin this isn’t yarn because I just can’t wait to see what it turns into! Also Alice showed me another online store called The Sheep Shed Studio that sells mill ends roving from Brown Sheep Company. They sell it by the pound and you can get it in several colors. I think I will get some to play around with my Easter egg dyes. Hopefully I won’t create anything like I did today!

Hand dyed roving purchased from ebay seller blsb.Hand dyed roving purchased from ebay seller blsb.

Other than creating this yarn, I test knit the medium and small sizes of the adult cadet hat. Maybe I can get Si to model it for me, but I really don’t think he will be a good sport like Kenny.