Kathryn Ivy

April 24, 2007 - Posted by Alice Schnebly

I can see clearly now...

Huge Glasses were all the rageFor most of my life I wore glasses. I remember when I had to go to the optometrist when I was in first grade after failing the eye test given by my elementary school. I was one of the first kids in my grade to have glasses. I was called "four eyes" at least once, other than that it wasn’t so bad. In this picture, I’m on the left, probably about eight or nine years old, and Grace is on the right and maybe six. As you can see, the frames (and the dress) I had screamed ‘80s. These frames were so huge obviously they had problems staying up on my nose. I also love how Grace is channeling Sally Jesse Raphael with her specs.

When I was in middle school I started doing the whole contacts thing, and then towards the end of high school I stopped wearing corrective lenses altogether. I don’t know what happened, just one day my allergies were so bad I didn’t feel like wearing contacts. From then on I scarcely wore my glasses. When I did, it was mostly for the sake of style, since by then I had a cute pair of square black rimmed glasses.

Reading / Knitting SpecsWell, today I was knitting on the Adult Cadet hat and my eyes started feeling a little tired. I decided to pull out the glasses I was prescribed in college after I lost my cute black pair. By then my prescription had been downgraded and I needed them for reading only. Well, pretty much needless to say, my knitting became some much more clear and vibrant! At least for awhile I guess, ‘cause my eyes aren’t used to glasses anymore. Maybe I should be knitting with my glasses on all the time, though it did feel really odd because everything was instantly enlarged, and it felt like I was suddenly using size 10 needles and chunky yarn.

I am thinking I’m going to try to gradually get my eyes used to wearing these for knitting use. I mean, I’m not going to put up a fight when they make me feel like every stitch is perfect and defined!

(By no means was I trying to detract from that lack of actual knitting content with an embarrassing photo… in fact, the item in the background on the second picture is the revised version of the Adult Cadet hat, which we hope to finish up soon!)