Kathryn Ivy

February 03, 2008 - Posted by Grace Schnebly

The Beginning of the End

First Fair IsleThank you so much for your comments on my Koolhaas! I am so glad that you all love it as much as I do. All of this love has inspired me to try something different, a technique that is new to me… stranded colorwork! I know that Alice has knit plenty of fair isle creations over the past year, but for some reason I just never had the courage to give it a try until now.

I’m almost finished with my first Endpaper Mitt and it has gone smoother than expected! I’m using some stashed Harrisville New England Shetland that I bought over a year ago just for these mitts. I am so proud of myself for getting around to some of these projects I’ve have queued and stashed for way too long! I should be finishing these up next week so I’ll have all the details for you then.

Awesome Stranded Colorwork Yarn

Alice and I were so excited to see that our blog has made somebody’s day! We’ve been tagged by Bookgrump, Minerva Turkey, An Abundance of Lisa, I Wish I Were Buffy, the Lady Knits, paperclips, Yarn for Brains, and whitknits for the You Make My Day award (sorry if we missed anyone). Thank you all so much and right back at ya!!! Just check out our blog roll for just a few of the blogs that we love. So if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged. Every single one of you who stops by our blog makes our day. :)