Kathryn Ivy

November 10, 2007 - Posted by Alice Schnebly


I know I didn’t mention it to you guys, but Grace certainly heard me say plenty of times last week that I “just wasn’t in the mood to knit.” None of the projects I had sitting around compelled me to pick up those needles and get to work. Plus, the entrelac scarf disaster really had me soured a bit. I enjoyed knitting the buddy bag, but normally I would finish something like that up in only a couple of days but instead it took me almost a week to complete. Honestly I was dire need of something to rekindle my love for knitting…

Luckily, two days ago while I was catching up on some of my blog reading I came across this postStart of second herringbone mitten. on Elli’s blog, announcing she had a new free pattern for everyone! It was definitely love at first site, and I knew I had to cast on immediately.

This pattern is honestly perfect for me. Quick to knit (ideal for my short attention span), worked in worsted weight yarn (which I have a ton in my stash), and an easy to knit color work pattern that I can even concentrate on with a toddler running around (Camdyn friendly). I really couldn’t ask for more! I cast on Thursday night, and yesterday I had myself one seriously beautiful mitten.

I’m working the Medium size in Cascade 220 Wool in #7083, a pretty fuchsia, and #7822, a deep chocolate brown. I can already picture tons of different color combos I’d love to knit these out of. I chose to go kind of crazy and fun for my first pair, but I also think something totally classic like brown and camel would totally rock. You know it’s a sign of a really good pattern when you’re already thinking of knitting it a second, third, and fourth time. :)

Love the herringbone design on this mitten!  It would look great in so many different colors.