Kathryn Ivy

October 03, 2007 - Posted by Alice Schnebly


This black and green guy is all ready for felting.The green and black hedgehog I started the other day is now ready to be felted! I think this guy is looking great so far. Right now he seems to be extra fuzzy and cuddly. For the novelty yarn part of this one I used JoAnn Sensations Cello. It’s very similar to Lion Brand Fun Fur, but there are some extra long hairs thrown in there too. I picked it up on sale awhile ago but I hadn’t had the chance to use it before now, so I hope it looks just as good after felting!

Two more hedgehog fronts have been completed.I also completed the two fronts for the other hedgies I’m giving as gifts. I’ve really gotten into a rhythm with knitting the fronts so they go pretty quickly. The back part of the hedgehogs takes a little bit more concentration, so I have to wait until Camdyn is napping or very distracted with something else to work on that! It’s not difficult, but there’s lots of counting involved. I’m hoping I can get these guys finished up and felted by the end of the week.

I’m getting more and more excited about knitting my Christmas gifts now, and I just can’t stop thinking about things I want to knit people! I really hope I can fit all this knitting in. Last year I wanted to knit gifts and I didn’t end up finishing a single one! Seeing the progress on all of Grace’s gifts is really motivating me to work on mine though. It’s so nice to have another knitter around for inspiration and encouragement!