Kathryn Ivy

August 14, 2007 - Posted by Alice Schnebly

On laziness... (and presents!)

Lately it seems I have been a lazy knitter. I still have the same two WIPs as I did last week, and they are still in the same unfinished states that I left them in. With the baby cabled newsboy, I got to the point where I was going to have to do a bit of thinking with my decreases. I just didn’t feel like figuring it out (though it won’t be that hard, I’m sure, when I actually do it).

My My So Called Scarf isn’t fairing much better… when I last posted I had just finished up knitting the first skein of LL Bullfrogs and Butterflies. Bubbles, the Secret Agent Lovebug, riding his trusty Wooly Sheep.Well, I have yet to even wind the second skein into a ball! It’s really a true act of laziness, since I have a swift and ball winder. I don’t know why I am letting these simple little things stand in the way of my progress. Maybe it’s because my mind is wandering to much more exciting projects? Thinking of all the great things I could be knitting for gifts? Itching to do some sewing? I’m not quite sure, but I think I need to start something new.

As you can see I have a new little friend who can help me decide ;) This is Bubbles, the Secret Agent Lovebug I got for my birthday from Grace! Birthday roving, a gift from Grace.I was super surprised when he arrived in the mail, because I actually had wanted to buy him when he was snatched right out of the SotoSofties Etsy shop right from underneath my nose. I was disappointed that I missed out on this cutie—I really loved the colors and the sweet bubbles fabric. I am so glad that he’s mine now. Thanks Grace for this great present!

Grace also sent me some really pretty roving. It’s from the same Ebay seller that she’s ordered from a few times before. I really love the colors—they’re definitely something I would choose myself. I need to practice spinning some more—I haven’t done that much and barely have a few yards done on my drop spindle right now! There are so many things I want to do… I just wish there were more hours in the day.

Bubbles is happy in his new home!