Kathryn Ivy

April 02, 2008 - Posted by Alice Schnebly

Ready... set... knit!

I chose to knit my mittens in Ultra Alpaca Light.Although I was sad to see March go, there is one reason I’m glad it’s over. Grace, Jen, and I have been planning a mini Fiddlehead Mitten KAL for quite some time now, and our start date was yesterday. These mittens seem to have taken the knitting community by storm, and for good reason; they’re absolutely gorgeous!

While Jen and Grace will be using their kits, I’m using some Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light. The second I saw these babies I ordered some yarn to make a pair of my own! I love the heathered colors in this yarn, and even if it doesn’t hold a candle to Adrian’s stunning hand-dyed yarns, it’s still beautiful. While knitting these I kept second guessing my color choices—and wishing that the white was a little less white—but now that I have the first outer mitten finished they’re starting to grow on me. Plus, this pattern seems to knit up so fast who says I can’t try out different combinations later if I want to.

This pattern is gorgeous and so much less complicated than I expected.Yesterday the e-mails were flying back and forth between Jen and me. On my end I was mostly freaking out about my gauge, which was spot on row wise but way off stitch wise. I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. I was so eager to see how my mitten would look after a good soak I made sure to finish it up last night. This morning I was happy to see a beautiful mitten waiting for me. After its bath, the mitten fits my hand perfectly and there might be enough room for a lining. If there isn’t I’m not going to worry about it too much. I’ll either line it and gift these mittens to someone with smaller hands, or do a partial lining just for the mitten cuff.

After working with worsted weight yarn all last month, I am excited to be knitting at a smaller gauge. It didn’t take too long to get into the groove and remember why I love knitting mittens so much! I can definitely see April being a month full of mittens!

Fiddlehead Mitten.