Kathryn Ivy

April 21, 2007 - Posted by Grace Schnebly

When you really need a needle...

”PeanutDon’t you hate it when you can't find that one specific needle you need? I spent most of last night searching for my US10 17” circular needle made from my Denise set. I need it so I can use the cord to start on testing the adult sized Cadet Hat, but of course it is no where to be found. It is so frustrating, and I am pretty sure that Peanut carried it off somewhere! I once found him in his bed (a laundry basket filled with clean clothes) laying next to a different needle made from my Denise set. I know this my fault because I should put the needles away after I use them, but this is virtually impossible for me to do for some reason. I just wish Peanut wasn’t so fond of knitting needles! Today I will be heading out to Mind’s Eye Yarns and Woolcott in search of a US7 16” circular needle, so I can get started on that hat. I am considering just buying a whole new Denise set since I want the pink cords anyways… We’ll see! Maybe I’ll need to get some new yarn to make me feel better.

In other news, our sister Diane is having a baby and is due on April 23! She is totally obsessed with wanting to dress her baby up in animal costumes. I figured I would make her a baby gift with a bunny toy, bunny booties, and Kiddie Cadet hat. I just finished up the bunny booties yesterday, yah I know I am a little behind, but my knitting got kind of suspended while we were working on getting this site up.

Bunny booties with needle felted faces.

Project Specs
Pattern: Bunny Booties from Animal Friends Felt Booties (CH-22)
Pattern Source: Fiber Trends
Yarn: MC Patons Classic Wool In #201 Winter White; CC Classic Wool in #210 Petal Pink.
Needles: US8 and US10 straight needles and US5 dpns
Date Started: 4/18/07
Date Finished: 4/20/07
Modifications: Used whipstitch to seam the ear pieces together instead of slip stitching in place. Needle felted face detail instead of using just embroidery.

Bunny booties before felting.I thought that these would be a super quick knit and I could make these in a day (not including drying time after felting). Well they aren’t really quick for something this small! There are a lot of intermediate steps it seems and a lot of stuff that is just boring, like making 8 different ear pieces and then having to seam them all together. Just not what I really consider fun. Also the extra steps needed to make the cuffs (which are useful) are tedious. Making these was pretty much a snoozefest. There is a mistake in the pattern too, they never once mention to seam up the booties. I seamed them pre-felting, but if this was one of your first projects you might not necessarily know to do that.

I was really amazed at how well this white felted. It really created a nice tight fabric. If I need to felt with white in the future, I will definitely go for this yarn! I decided to felt them by hand because they were so small. This was actually my first time hand felting, and I think it went pretty well! This was also my first time needle felting. I needle felted the eyes and nose using a 36 gauge needle, then did the white eye detail using a 40 gauge needle. I used the Petal Pink for the nose, a tiny scrap of Patons Classic Merino in black for the eyes, and Winter White for the eye detail. I embroidered the mouth and eyelashes with embroidery floss. Pompoms made from white were attached to the back of the booties as tails.

Overall I think the booties turned out cute, and they could be finished in a weekend. If I was making this pattern again, I would definitely attach the ears a little lower on the head so they would be more secure (mine kind of detached themselves during felting). Anyways I hope she likes them!