Kathryn Ivy

September 29, 2007 - Posted by Alice Schnebly

Familiar Territory

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted about knitting! Well, considering I didn’t knit a stitch for over a week, I guess I understand why. I kind of lost my mojo after insecurities about the length of dashing, and feeling extra clumsy with Icarus. I got distracted with other things around the house, but finally yesterday I decided to pick my needles up again and start something totally new.

This is the front of a hedgehog that will be an x-mas gift.

I decided to go back to a pattern that I love and I’ve made about a million times—the Fiber Trends Huggable Hedgehog. This is such a fun pattern to knit, and I am comfortable with the knitting and construction. They always look so goofy before felting, and it’s so fun to see how they look after a hot sudsy bath. I also love how each hedgehog ends up with his own little personality in the end! I finished up the front of the first one, a black and green guy for one of my cousin’s sons. I’ve also got plans for two more for her other kids in the works. What can I say, I love knitting hedgehogs and they make great gifts!

So this is where hedgehogs come from...Another reason I haven’t been knitting this past week is because I’ve put in a lot of hours working outdoors on our patio area. I love it when summer ends, because now it’s the beginning of a 10 month period of gorgeous weather here. It feels so good being outside this past week after being cooped up inside in the AC for so long. I love the breeze we get off the mountains—it’s just perfect! I can’t wait ‘til it’s finished (everything takes much longer with a 2 year old around) and we can just sit back and enjoy it!