Kathryn Ivy

September 13, 2007 - Posted by Grace Schnebly

More Christmas Knitting

After finishing the hat I started right in on knitting another present. I'm making a Forbes Forest scarf for my brother in law, Kenny, who is Alice's husband. I've knit about 12" in the past few days; one skein down and five more to go. I'm using Knit Picks Merino Style which seems to be the yarn substitution of choice for this scarf, but I haven't yet seen one knit out of this beautiful deep blue color. The colorway is Storm, and I'm loving it. I think that it will be perfect for Kenny and go great with his red hair! I totally forgot how long it takes to make a scarf though, and this is going to have to be one of those projects that I work on in between other things. I'm glad that I started it though, and I am really liking the way that it is turning out.

Scarf for Kenny

Can you believe I also picked my Icarus Shawl back up? I finished the 5th repeat, and started on the 6th. I doubt I'll do a 7th repeat because I really can't wait to start on the boarder charts! I'm still using my first skein of Malabrigo, boy does that stuff go a long way. Yesterday Alice's needles finally arrived so she will be able to start on hers soon too. I kind of want to start another project to work on in between these two more time consuming ones. I was thinking about starting a Jumbo Elephant or a pair of Lil' Snugs for Camdyn. Alice said that she's recently become obsessed with elephants and Dumbo so the Jumbo Elephant by Hansi Singh will be perfect for her! I was also kind of wanting to knit a Crafty Alien critter, and she recently came out with Born in a Barn, Volume 2. However I'm kind of disappointed in it. I really like the cow, but I am not feeling the goat and I just feel totally unsatisfied with the rooster. Everything about it is exactly the same as the chicken, except with three tail feathers attached. In this volume you're really only getting two new patterns instead of three. I wish that she would have included the turkey in the pattern instead.